Place : Manikagoda

PIN Code


District : Khordha
Tehsil/ Taluka : Bolagarh
State : Orissa
Latitude : 20.1754616
Longitude : 85.2799973

Manikagoda, (Orissa) Map

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Braja K.Pattanaik - manikagoda / manikagora is perhaps the perversion of manikyagarh –the last garh among other 71 garhs of the gajapati king of puri (khorda). the historic name do not represent individuals, not causes or ideologies. it has the spirit of reconciliation, not division ,that is why is a cluster of villages, at present 9.wilkinson the then joint magistrate,khurda before declaration of panchagarh declared this fort as zilla or pragana in 1823..dalbehera a muslim was in charge of the fort who being the military chief controlled the paika/militia. kept in charge of the management of dusherra of presiding deity manikabhuyan. village is famous for hindu- muslim bhai bhai. any body may see it during dusherra or id or duing dol jatra.the famous praja andolan meeting was held at thiis place on 25.5.1939.the century old primary school and madrasa , pre-independent banchhanidhi me school and post independent gadadhar academy. we salute to noted educationists like maulabi hamid khan, raja kishore patnaik , physician dr. adam ali baig ,civil judge khetramohan subudhi and freedom fighters cum politicians like parsuram padatikray. we are obliged to all others persons having reputations in different field and the freedom movement . the major lapses with us : to encroach govt land, hostile to environment and sanitation, far from planting a tree but eager to cut a tree. want of sensitization to protect public property of the panchayat land, the acquired land for panchayat industry since 1962 and by the process lost a century old post office and a professional college. friends and youngsters to rise to introspect and do the needful
June 3, 2017

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Manikagoda is situated in Khordha District , Orissa .
Manikagoda Pincode is 752066 With 20.1754616 Latitude and 85.2799973 Longitude.