Recent things said on IndiaMapia...

Ram Lakhan - my birth place i like too much... Bairi Buzurg, Ambedkar Nagar

Dr. A. M. Dharme - i am proud of my native place ... Mowad, Nagpur

abishek - it is famous for the god shri ... Kurusilapattu, Vellore

Ananya - it is small town. and their is... Saidpur, Ghazipur

Braja K.Pattanaik - manikagoda / manikagora is per... Manikagoda, Khordha

IndiaMapia is a directory of places in india with informations ranging from latitude , longitude, pincode , maps and Talukas. You can find any place thorugh the searchbox on the website and can view relevant details of that place here. The latest Census data of 2011 is also given for all 650+ districs in India.

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